Deaf Positive NZ (Facebook/Skype)

As of 1 May 2020, the Deaf Oranga team - for Deaf New Zealanders who would like a NZSL chat with the Deaf Oranga team, Monday to Fridays, is no longer available, however the Deaf Positive NZ Facebook group remains open.

Deaf Positive NZ schedule (visit Deaf Positive NZ for latest schedule):

8 May 2020: Quiz by Deaf Positive Group! (Deaf Positive NZ)

4 May 2020: Deaf Positive NZ competition - sing a song in NZSL! (Deaf Positive NZ)

2 April 2020: What is Deaf Positive NZ?

4 May 2020: Deaf Oranga farewell (Deaf Positive NZ – Skype)

4 May 2020: Deaf Oranga update (Deaf Positive NZ – Skype)

14 April 2020: Deaf Oranga Skype update

9 April 2020: Update from the Deaf video call team (Easter Weekend hours)

8 April 2020: Want a NZSL chat with the Deaf Oranga team? Mondays to Fridays 9am-12 and 2pm-4pm

31 March 2020: Chat on Skype with our Deaf volunteers if you’re lonely or bored!

23 March 2020: Call for volunteers to join ‘Deaf Positive (Oranga) Skype chat’