Theme: Technology

13 May 2020: Tips on how to use NZVIS for Drive Thru (NZ Video Interpreting Service)

12 May 2020: Persistent technical issues with Skype (NZ Video Interpreting Service)

10 May 2020: How to use Zoom workshop (Deaf Aotearoa)

6 May 2020: Skype technical issues (NZ Video Interpreting Service)

4 May 2020: [Interview - Radio NZ] Victoria Manning talks about captions and lobbying

29 April 2020: Hosting great Zoom calls with Deaf & Hard of Hearing participants (TalkTown)

28 April 2020: Information about remote learning & technical support (Deaf Education Centres)

24 April 2020: How to use Facebook Messenger to keep in touch (Office for Disability Issues)

21 April 2020: Kara Technologies release "We're Going on a Bear Hunt" (password: stayathome)

19 April 2020: Up-close shot of NZSL interpreter during live COVID-19 updates at Parliament

17 April 2020: Kara Technologies releases NZSL COVID-19 Self-Checker

8 April 2020: Setting up your Skype account

8 April 2020: Up-close shot of NZSL interpreter during all COVID-19 LIVE updates