Travelling, shopping and moving around (Level 2)

27 May 2020: Life under Level 2 – Regular recreational activities (Office for Disability Issues)

27 May 2020: Alert Level 2 – Travel and transport (Unite Against Covid-19)

27 May 2020: Alert Level 2 – Healthcare (Unite Against Covid-19)

25 May 2020: Life at Level 2 – Restaurants, Cafes and Bars (Office for Disability Issues)

Level 2: Can I use public transport?

Level 2: Can I visit my parents in a different city?

Level 2: Can I take a holiday around New Zealand?

13 May 2020: Here's what life at Level 2 will look like (Deaf Positive NZ)

Level 2: Are gyms open?

Level 2: Are public parks, playgrounds and pools open?

Level 2: Will my sports league be open?

Level 2: Will public toilets be open again?

Level 2: Can I pat other people's pets?